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December 3. 2018

Take a chance on yourself, You will love it...

FBTC client Sue, from www.HealingHandsInUk.com, is an alternative therapist - a Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner! Sue has shared her experience of self-employment; “It's a tough market and there are quite a few people in my business, like any other, who are very competitive in advertising”. 

What Sue loves the most about self-employment is being able to own and take pride in her hard work and achievements. Sue comments, “It feels very satisfying to take full credit and responsibility for my progress and success”. This is evidence for Sue as she has recently been voted into "The Top Three Therapists". This was done by an independent reviewer.

Sue continued with “Of course being my own boss and being able to choose my working hours is a massive bonus. I truly thrive on the challenges of being able to make a difference in people's lives by what I do. “It's tremendously motivating to see people feel healthier and being able to enjoy their lives by overcoming their most debilitating conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression or get rid of their addictions to smoking, alcohol or drugs”. 

Initially, Sue did face some challenges, “The hardest part for me was to manage my accounting and knowing what I can or can't do. Thank goodness for FBTC's speciality with advising and managing my accounts. It was also tricky to finance and find an affordable and suitable premise to work from at first". 

Sue’s advice to anyone starting a business is to not fear hard work and challenges. Have a vision, believe in your abilities and follow your dreams.



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