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September 19. 2017

The FBTC Tips to Business Success

Everyone has different ideas and views on what they class as ‘successful’, is it the amount of money you make or is it having the perfect work life balance (does this even exist?). If you know what you want to achieve you are heading in the right direction. The following factors will help you to achieve your success!

Focus – What do you want to achieve? Set yourself short term goals to ensure you stay on track. By knowing what you truly want, you can define your business and achieve your goals.

Believe – In yourself and your business. If you don’t who will?

Tax – Don’t forget about it! Ensure you plan for your taxes. (We can look after this area for you, one less factor to worry about!)

Creativity – Stand out from your competitors, think outside of the box, sometimes it is good to be different. Develop your business to put you ahead of the rest. It is also important to realise you don’t know everything, be open to new ideas and opportunities that approach you.

Adapt – You need to do this for your business to survive, adapt to change to ensure you are giving your customer what they want and need (they may not know they need it yet). Opportunities sometimes fall into your lap which aren’t the norm and you need to be able to understand how to deal with such happenings.  

Challenges – Identify and manage your challenges, develop your analytical skills. There is never a problem you just need to find the solution. This will help you move your business forward.

Cash -  Feed your bottom line, find ways to get money upfront to improve your cashflow. Make sure your capital expenditures aren’t draining your business.

Organisation – This is important in both your personal and business life. Been organised means you have control and this will increase your productivity. 

Understand – Spend time researching your industry and your target audience, you will then understand what your customers want and need. This way you can ensure your business is offering the correct products and services, in the right place and at the right time. 

Notes – Reflect on your business, write down your thoughts. Keep your notes to help you plan and prepare for the future. Self-reflection will help you to develop self-awareness and encourages active engagement in your work.

Technology – Stay ahead of the game, every day is changing. Does your business require you to use the latest software? Should you be liaising with your customer more, can you do this by using new technology? We can do everything we need to with our mobile phones, is their opportunity for you to make changes? Smartphones, social media, texting, emails and other communication channels make it easy to get your message out.

Add Value – Give your customers that little bit extra. Find low cost or no cost ways of making clients feel even better about the product or service you have provided. Such acts will increase your gestures of goodwill and also increase your word of mouth referrals. 

Net Profit – Keep an eye on your net profit, make sure you know how your business is operating. This then supports your focus, creativity and understanding. This also give you the opportunity to recognise any areas of concern, manage your finances and deal with any challenges.

Consistency – Ensure you develop positive habits that you can enforce over a long term. Therefore, giving each of your customers the same experience. 

You – Take time for you! You are the most important part of all!



The FBTC approach

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