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September 28. 2020

Winter Economy Plan

Rishi Sunak announced his Winter Economy Plan on Thursday 24th September. Rishi’s support was based on the outlook that 'People want to see us focused on the here and now'. Two key updates for the self-employed are outlined below.

The SEISS grant will be extended with two additional grants, the first covering the period November to January and the second covering February to April. The grant will be based on 20% of your profit and to qualify for the grants your must have qualified for the previous grants. Also, you must be trading but be facing reduced demand due to Covid-19. 

Paying HMRC

Previously, the Treasury had given anyone with a July 2020 Payment on Account a 6-month extension, allowing this payment to be made in January 2021. The Chancellor has also announced a further extension for all individuals due to pay HMRC in January 2021 (including the above payment on Account). It appears this extension will be in the way of a 12-month payment plan with HMRC, running from February 2021 to January 2022. To qualify you must owe HMRC less than £30,000. Unlike the previous extension an individual will have to apply for this extension, however, no guidance has been issued on how to make the application yet.

Further updates and advice will be issued as we know more. 




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