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November 4. 2020

Lockdown Part 2

Following the Lockdown announcement over the weekend, there have been a few key Government updates to the SEISS grant in the last 24 hours. You have probably already heard about them but we wanted to summarise the key points below;

  • Eligibility remains the same as before, if you did not qualify for the first two grants then you will not qualify for this one;
  • The grant covers the November to January period;
  • The grant is calculated at 80% of trading profits and is capped at £7500;
  • An additional grant will be available next year covering February to April, but no details on the amount of that grant has been released yet.

Additionally, the Bounce Back Loan application deadline has been extended to the 31st January 2021.
As everyone's situation is different, advice and guidance can vary. You can click here to use a helpful service to find out what support you can get if your business has been affected by coronavirus.



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